About Us

This document provides a brief outline of our business and web site presence.

Company Profile

Merlin Software is a Canadian incorporated company located in Concord, Ontario.

The company was formed in 1998 by a group of talented web designers and systems analysts who were working on innovative business information systems. At that time, 4th generation software applications and advanced database design systems had finally reached the Internet's mainstream.

The company continues to focus on and promote 'business driven' web sites. These sites provide operating profits for their owners, as well as display high quality graphics, animations and video. The company has tangible experience will all aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle and a proven track record of delivering successful projects.

In addition to providing high quality web sites, the company has concrete experience deploying secure online e-commerce solutions involving real-time, online credit card authorization. Recent projects involve the successful deployment of several online stores selling everything from subscription journal memberships to handicrafts.

The company also has robust experience with other client-server applications as well as, database design and database optimisation using SQL Server, mySQL and Microsoft Access.

Business Services

Full-service provision of professional Internet solutions including web site design, development and optimisation. The company can provide any sort of web site solution that you require, whether this be large or small, or for personal and/or business needs.

They will design your site entirely from your own ideas, using prototyping tools or by beginning with one of dozens of web site templates. Full-scale e-commerce solutions are also available by integrating secure online credit card payment and authorization processes.

A key area of expertise involves web site optimisation & promotion, as well as a wide range of services designed to improve the appearance, download speed and usability of new and existing web sites.

Many projects also include a customizable administration system so web site owners can monitor their web site traffic, statistics, transactions and online sales.

Technical Expertise

Proven experience with a wide variety of Internet development tools & technologies:
  • Flash (and other graphics packages)
  • HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, CGI
  • FrontPage, Cold Fusion
  • Active Server Pages (ASP), .NET, PHP
  • Visual C#, Visual Basic
  • JavaScript, JScript, Java, VBScript
  • MySQL Database, ms SQL Server, ms Access
  • Microsoft Agents
  • SSL Security Encryption
  • Credit Card Payment Processing
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