Web Site Hosting

We provide a number of professional web site hosting services through our network of international providers.

Technical Support

Our web sites are monitored 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

Our service providers run dedicated 24-7 operations, ensuring that technical analysts are actually monitoring your site, preventing hacker & unauthorized access, and performing routine server management right through the night.

We also provide an extra layer of technical support, specific to your web solution, so that if anything ever goes wrong... you just contact us and we'll get the problem fixed asap (no matter how many people we need to deal with).

Hosting Features

Our hosting packages include heaps of advanced features!

Key features include multiple e-mail accounts & FTP access, File/directory permissions, File upload and web site builder interfaces, support for ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI and various databases ( view all hosting features )

In addition, we'll also setup (free of charge):
  • Your own static IP web hosting account with at least 1000 Mb of disk space
  • Your own [.com .biz .org .info .net .ws .us] domain name
  • A shared SSL security certificate for your site
  • Multiple e-mail addresses with your web site name (eg. your-name @ your-web-site.com)
  • An auto redirection page to help visitors find your new site from your old one
Link Wizard clients: also get an auto e-mail sent to all of their link trade partners informing them of their new site

SSL Security Protection

We can protect your web site with any SSL security certificate available on the market!

While all of our hosting packages include a shared SSL certificate - many of our clients (especially those with online stores), want a dedicated SSL certificate registered to their website name.

What's the difference?...

pages that use a shared SSL certificate will display a different url in the browser address bar:

- something like: https://another-website-name/page.htm

whereas, pages that use a dedicated SSL certificate show your own web site url:

- https://your-website.domain/page.htm

Dedicated SSL Certificates

The annual fee for a dedicated SSL certificate varies greatly depending on the (certificate authority) provider and product that you choose.

For example, here's some popular 128-bit SSL certificates & prices:
  • Rapid SSL
  • Instant SSL
  • GeoTrust SSL
  • Comodo SSL
  • Thawte SSL
  • VeriSign Site Pro
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** prices are subject to change without notice and exclude a $50 install fee