Web Site Transfers

Having your own web site Domain Name instantly and dramatically improves people's confidence in your site, products & business services !

Whether your current site is on a shared domain (such as geocities.com ) or your own - we can transfer/ set up your own domain name and a great hosting package costing less than $ 99 per year.

Your Own Web Site

You'll be amazed how easy and inexpensive it can be to have your own web site!

If your current web site name looks something like:


...then it's time to get your own domain name:


Since we're a professional developer we already deal with reputable, inexpensive and dependable domain name registration & web hosting service providers. We can quickly and effectively transfer your current web site without you having to do any technical work.

Although there's nothing wrong with shared domain web sites, these names are difficult to remember and many people only recall the shared domain part. Which is especially disastrous if your customers only remember geocities.com/ ...since they're probably going to bump into hundreds of your competitors while searching for your site.

Furthermore, many webmasters will not trade links with these sites feeling that they have less value for link popularity and Internet search results purposes. This makes it difficult to increase your web site traffic and your position in Internet search results.

It now costs so little to have your own web site domain name and hosting account, it's a bit silly to put your site in a domain with hundreds of others. Having your own web site domain name instantly and dramatically increases visitor's confidence in your site, products and business services.

Transfer Features

Your hosting account includes heaps of advanced features!

Key features include multiple e-mail accounts & FTP access, File/directory permissions, File upload and web site builder interfaces, support for ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI, databases and shared SSL certificates ( web hosting features )

In addition to transferring your web site to your new domain, we'll also setup:
  • Your own static IP web hosting account with 1000 Mb storage
  • Your own [.com .biz .org .info .net .ws .us] domain name (if needed)
  • Multiple e-mail addresses with your web site name (eg. you@your_website.com)
  • An auto redirection page to help visitors who go to your old site
  • Link Wizard clients also get an auto e-mail sent to all of their link trade partners informing them of their new site

Transfer Fees

We only charge a one-time transfer / setup fee of $ 99.95 for our services (unless your web site involves special requirements)

Obviously taking the proper time to professionally transfer & setup your web site costs money, however we only charge a minimal one-time fee for these services.

We've evaluated dozens of hosting companies and although we currently work with inexpensive providers... the lowest price is not the best value! The real key is establishing a solid working relationship with knowledgeable support staff.

By directly managing each of our client's hosting requirements, we're able to ensure excellent support for our clients... and even some discounts.

This is because we save everyone time & effort by already being familiar with each company's technical environment and able to effectively communicate with them on their terms.

However, after your first year, you can decide if you want us to continue managing your arrangements (for just $19.95/yr), or do it yourself... it's up to you.

Special Requirements

Most web sites on shared domains do not involve special web site requirements such as, databases and SSL security certificates.

However, if your transfer requires these (or other unique) services we may need to request an additional fee to cover this work.

Before we begin, we'll assess your current site / requirements and let you know if any of these fees apply. You can then decide whether we should proceed or not, before paying us any money!.

So, you really have nothing to lose... except the: