Web Site Optimization

We provide a number of professional web site optimization services that will get your site noticed.

Internet Search Submission

More than 80% of new customers find web sites using Internet search results and only the top rated sites get visited.

No matter how 'cool' you think your web site is... if people can't find it amongst the millions of other web sites in the Internet - you'll be the only one visiting it!

So you need to submit your site to all the major search crawlers.

You can of course, do this yourself, however be warned that submitting your site to the wrong type of directories can result in more harm to your site's success than if you hadn't done anything.

This is because search crawlers have to scan millions of web sites to build valid search results and they're constantly updating their ranking formulas to filter out sites attempting to unfairly increase their position.

Unfortunately, your site can be penalized or banned simply by getting involved with a shady submission/ optimisation scheme, or even un-intentionally, by making certain changes to your site.

However, as a professional web site developer, we already know and submit to all the search crawlers that have proven to provide successful results.

Here's all the things you'll get for just $39.99
  • We'll properly submit your site (as is) to the top 100 major search directories
  • FREE Bonus: we'll keep submitting your site once a month for an entire YEAR for free!
Please note that some search directories (such as Yahoo) require extra submission fees. Unless you specifically request (and provide these fees), we will not submit your web site to these engines.

Search Results Optimisation

Unfortunately, many people are disappointed with their search results position after submitting their site (even if they submitted it to 1000's of engines).

The fact is that there's literally millions of web sites in the Internet and 100's of them are using your same keywords. So to be ranked higher than your competitors involves more than just adding some META tag keywords.

To be successful, your web site must be designed & built with people AND search crawlers in mind. Lets face it... if your site is not listed on the first few search result pages, no one is going to find it way down on page 100.

However, there's a great deal of confusion surrounding approved web site optimisation strategies and search crawler ranking formulas. So you really need someone who clearly understands the importance & impacts of these factors and how to take advantage of them.

In many cases, your site's ranking can be greatly improved just by making a number of small but important changes. We'll give you detailed report of the things you should change (and why) to improve your search results position.

If you're also interested in obtaining premium listings and/or paid advertising (on the search directories that allow this), we can also arrange to do this for you, for an additional charge.

Here's all the things you'll get for just $79.99
  • We'll analyse your web site and recommend a series of changes to improve your search position
  • We'll tell you about the 10 most important factors that search crawlers evaluate when positioning your site
  • We'll tell you what prevents many search crawlers from being able to scan all of the pages of a web site (and how to fix these)
  • We'll tell you what penalizes and/or bans web sites from search directories (and how to fix these)
  • We'll tell you how to be ranked higher than your web site competitors
  • We'll even tell you how to improve your link exchange directory (if you have one), to improve your site's ranking
  • FREE Internet Search Submission: we'll even submit your site to over 100 search directories for free after your site has been optimised!
  • We'll also happily implement any of these changes for you for an additional charge.

Link Popularity Exchange Automation

Almost all search crawlers consider Link Popularity (e.g. the number of external web sites linking to yours) when ranking the importance of your site. Therefore many webmasters are very interested in exchanging links with other web sites in order to improve their site's position.

However, the difficulty with exchanging links is that it can take lots of reciprocal links to improve your Internet search results position... so adding, updating and removing these links on your web site quickly becomes overwhelming and very time consuming.

Furthermore, finding serious web sites to link with can also be difficult, since many web sites say that they want to trade links (and may even have a form to add your site after you've provided them with one); but for some reason or another, they never add your link or they remove it later.

Therefore, even after you get reciprocal links pointing to your site, you must periodically check all of them. This is not a big deal when you only have 10 links, but after you trade with a couple hundred sites... you clearly need an automated way to do this.

This is the reason we developed LINK WIZARD, and this system is helping improve the position of numerous web sites.

Submit to 1000's ?

Beware of other companies who say they'll submit your site to thousands of search crawlers!

Because, in reality there's only about 50 important search crawlers.

...the rest are just personal web sites, small shopping directories, Free For All sites and/or Link Farms.

Unfortunately submitting to these will result in you receiving heaps of SPAM mail... basically, forever.

However, the worst part is that your web site could end up being penalized or banned from some Internet search results.

Top 10 Guarantee

We don't recommend or provide any service that guarantees you a specific position ( top 10) in Internet search results.!

Since only the search directories themselves have this control... and most of these strategies will get your web site penalized and/or banned from their results!

A common strategy is to send you an e-mail saying that your site is not listed in several major search crawlers... and for just $$$ you can be in the top 10.

This may sound great, but if you stop and think about it... how can anyone who doesn't control search results, force you into the top 10?

Surely not every single site in the Internet should even be in the top 10 !... and what if you're their 11th customer?

FFA & Link Farms

FFA (free for all) sites let you add your link on their site without having to link back to them.

Link Farms are any service that provides heaps of links to your site without you visiting each site.

While these may sound like great short cuts, be warned that search crawlers are already aware of these artificial link strategies.

If you want to trade links - do it yourself, or use an approved link popularity automation system, like Link Wizard.

These other services just cause you to be linked to 100's of sites that you know nothing about... and many of those sites may already be banned!