Appointment Admin Benefits

Appointment Admin provides a number of key benefits for your health related business and patients.

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Powerful & Simple

Our system provides you with powerful features & options important to health related professionals and, we've made it simple so anyone in your office can use it.

The system saves you time & money by automatically sending appointment notifications & reminders as well as, receiving confirmations by email and SMS. And if you're already using a practice management program in your office, the system can also send notifications using it's data.

The system works 24/7, even when your office is closed after hours & on holidays and, allows patients to check & confirm their appointments at their convenience without taking up your time. The complete list of features is truly staggering.

More for Less

Our system provides more features for less than half the cost of other products such as DemandForce, Lighthouse and AblePortal!

There's No setup fee, No technical support costs, No long contracts, No auto-renewing clauses and No extra charge to send e-blasts and post-appointment feedback surveys. There's even a free account for clients with low capacity and usage needs.

This may sound hard to believe... but before you get locked into a year long auto-renewing contract with another system, we encourage you to compare our features & prices. We'll gladly provide you with references to local business practices who have happily switched to our system and are saving over $3000 each year.

Seamless Office Integration

Our system can be linked with your office practice management program so you can continue to do things as usual and Appointment Admin will automatically send appointment notifications & reminders using your data (Data Sync).

The online appointment book also allows you and your employees to securely review your appointment schedule outside the office or, in the event that your office's practice management system won't boot-up or suddenly crashes and you need to see your appointment schedule.

Mobile Generation Technology

Our system allows patients to receive & confirm appointments by email and mobile SMS or, by logging into their online patient account. Patients can even request an additional SMS alert is sent a few hours before their appointment time which, really helps busy people avoid no-shows.

Patients can confirm appointments by SMS simply by replying with the letter "C" and, if they reply with any other message text, the system automatically converts it and sends you an email with their comments. So you don't even need to have a mobile phone to use our 2-way mobile SMS messaging service.

Make no mistake, today patients expect you to provide as up-to-date services as they get from online shopping & their Facebook account. And the good news is that these services also reduce your workload, streamline your appointment booking process and, reduce your no-shows by up to 80%. So say good-bye to phone tag, busy signals, wrong numbers, voicemail and forgotten appointments.

Multiple Appointment Notification

Our system allows patients to receive a single message for multiple appointments on the same day (Family Messages).

So if a patient has several appointments one after another or, several patients in a family have appointments on the same day... only one email/SMS is sent with all the details. All the appointments in a multiple appointment message can be confirmed together just by pressing a single button or, each one can be confirmed separately using individual links.

Our system also allows you to specify different message schedules for each message type sent to patients. For example you might set that a confirmation is sent 10 days prior to each appointment and a reminder is sent 2 days prior. However the system automatically adjusts this schedule for appointments booked with short notice so, you don't even need to think about it.

Special Messages & Surveys

Our system allows you to create any type of custom message you want. There's absolutely no restriction on the type of message, the patients it can be sent to or, when it can be sent!

This allows you send out messages for special situations, waiting lists, promotions, news events, e-blasts as well as, send specific messages to new patients, chronically late patients, individual patients and/or groups of patients. You can also design and send various feedback surveys in addition to the standard post-appointment one.

Our system allows you to automatically insert appointment, office, doctor, employee or other specific data into any message using special datacodes. These codes can be added to messages just by selecting them from a drop-down list and when the message is sent, they'll be automatically replaced with the actual up-to-date data. You can also schedule the date/time or repeating frequency your messages will be sent. No other system provides you with as much flexibility.

We Make You Look Great!

Our system allows you to re-enforce your business brand by allowing you fully customize your patient account web pages & notifications.

While they say "Never Judge a Book by it's Cover"... we all do. And we bet you've skipped by websites that didn't look good even though the business probably wasn't bad. Similarly, sending plain, low quality notifications to your patients can also harm their impression of you & your business.

Fortunately our system allows you to select from several design layouts as well as, include your own logos, graphics, colours & fonts, so your notifications can exactly match your current website & business branding.

Online Website Portal

Our system provides you with a multiple page business website including a secure online patient account so your patients can login to view, confirm & reschedule their appointments themselves.

Patients can access the system 24/7, even when your office is closed and, without taking up any of your time. And yet, you still remain in full control to specify what they can do. The system provides detailed analytics about patient logins & usage as well as, all other appointment notification activities.

If you already have a business website, the appointment scheduler can also be embedded directly into it as well as, your Facebook page or other social media sites. We can also refresh your website if needed since we provide professional website design services.

Security & Privacy Protection

Protecting your data and privacy is a fundamental part of our service and we go beyond what others do.

Our system is protected by several layers of robust security techniques including data encryption, firewalls, passwords and timed session log-outs as well as, other things to ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential.

We use the strongest available, industry tested & certified, security technology to encrypt and safely transfer your information through the Internet. This technology, called Secure Channel SSL, was not affected by the Heartbleed bug since that only affected sites using open source OpenSSL. Furthermore, all the administration pages of our system are protected with SSL whereas, most other systems only use SSL during login.

Furthermore our company is governed by a well-defined set of professional code of ethics principles and all confidential information that we have access to is held in the strictest confidence. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) govern how we handle your information.

Our system operates and stores all data on redundant servers located in Canada, your data including your patient's confidential information, is protected and not subject to the USA Patriot Act.