Web Site Advantages

Web sites communicate more information, more accurately and more efficiently than any other medium, including:

Yellow Pages

Even when people find the correct area, book & section where your Yellow Page ad is located, and find it interesting enough to call you for more information... there's still lots of reasons why you can lose !

Internet Telephone
websites work for you all day, every day... even when you're sleeping
calling after business hours means they get nothing - if they then call someone else... you get nothing
everyone gets the exactly the same, clearly presented, correct information
different information given based on who answers, how busy they are, how much they know & their mood
you have full control to highlight any & all references which you feel are important
important details & references are often missed if not specifically asked about
text, graphics, sound and video give you multiple ways to get your message across
verbal messages are the least effective & can be easily misunderstood
the browser's Print button allows managers to see all the correct information & they may notice extra reasons to go with you
callers must write down what they can remember & think is important and then give this to whomever makes the final decision
additional text, pictures & contact #'s can be sent by e-mail & web forms
incorrect contact details leave you with no way to reply
big business & government employees usually have an Internet connection always at their fingertips on their desk
it's a lot of work to search through books; choose vendors; try to contact them; and write down useful notes for further evaluation

Big Business goes with business that looks Big !

Flyers & Newspapers

All of the positive reasons above for web sites still hold over advertising with flyers, brochures, magazines and newspapers.

However these approaches have many additional negative factors, such as;
  • extremely expensive! ...especially for the rich colour graphics in websites (for example, our current flyer is very costly to print)
  • even if you distribute flyers yourself (to save money), this takes up valuable time that could have been used to do business
  • still don't provide as much information as a website
  • only circulated to a small area & useful for a short time
  • design or printing errors result in huge cost over-runs and possibly redistribution
  • often ignored & immediately discarded by recipients
  • mass, non-targeted distribution is the least effective marketing approach

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth references can be very effective, but just how many people can your friends talk to?

Web sites can communicate to millions of people (a world-wide audience). Even if your intended market is just your neighbourhood, city or region... a web site can effortlessly reach people from one side to the other!

Not a Techie? - NO Problem!

You DO NOT need to understand computers or the Internet to have your own web site: www.yourname.com

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