Link Wizard Benefits

While there's many reasons to trade links, most webmasters do this to improve their site's content, link popularity and Internet search results position.

Search crawlers have to scan millions of web sites to build valid search results and they're constantly updating their ranking formulas to filter out sites attempting to unfairly increase their position.

Unfortunately, many web sites are penalized as a result of 'shady' organizations claiming to guarantee webmasters top placement in Internet search results and/or who use artificial link popularity schemes.

However, Link Wizard has established and maintains a strict Code Of Ethics. The system is Search Friendly and does not support any artificial link popularity scheme which might be negatively viewed as 'spam' by search crawlers.

We invite search directory managers to contact us should they have any concerns regarding our system or business services.

Here's some of the benefits of Link Wizard:

Search Friendly

Link Wizard produces correctly formatted link exchange pages that:
  • allow clients to host their link exchange pages directly on their own web site
  • allow clients to customize their pages with their own web site content & meta tags
  • allow clients to accept or reject any web site link from anywhere in the Internet
  • allow clients to define and enforce their own specific link trading rules
  • do not contain cloaking codes or other text that can only be seen by search crawlers
  • do not contain dynamic links or pages (with the exception of the search results page)
  • do not contain pop-up windows, cookies or automatically redirect visitors by default
  • do not contain 1000's of useless harvested links from non-linking websites


Link Wizard does not support the sending or receiving of SPAM.

As part of our Code Of Ethics, all messages sent by the system always contains a link to Opt-Out of further correspondence and/or report abuse from that client.

The system also contains advanced SPAM protection features so clients do not receive link trades from webmasters with invalid e-mail addresses.

Link Wizard takes all complaints seriously and reserves the right to terminate any account found to be sending spam.

NO Link Farms

Link Wizard does not support any form of Link Farm, or provide a directory of webmasters which could used in this manner. While Link Farms allow you to put heaps of links on your site within a few hours, these links will do more harm than good.

The system does not force you to link to 100's of sites which you know nothing about, and your link is never given to anyone else without your knowledge. Each link trade must be mutually agreed by both the Link Wizard client & other webmaster, one at a time.

Search crawlers can easily detect the same pattern of links on multiple websites and they penalize sites involved in Link Farm schemes, very heavily.

NO Harvesting

Link Wizard does not support any form of Link Harvesting, and the system can not be used to automatically scan the Internet for new links. Link Wizard clients must search through the Internet to find new link trade partners on their own.

This ensures that Link Wizard clients build useful directories which are ranked higher by search crawlers since they contain human insight & variability. Robots blindly collect links based on themes, but they can't verify whether your site meets a given webmaster's linking rules.

It's not all the links going out of your site that count... it's the quality ones who link back that help you get higher ratings. Search crawlers can easily detect websites that contain 1000's of outgoing links and only a few incoming ones.

NO Free For All (FFA)

Link Wizard does not support any form of Free For All link directory. While these huge chaotic directories are simple to set up, they provide little value to link partners & are usually ignored entirely by search crawlers.

Each link submitted to a Link Wizard client must be reviewed & approved by that client before it will appear in their directory. It is up to each individual client whether they require a reciprocal link to be posted prior to approval.

Link Wizard clients can select from standard linking rules and/or create their own specific rules that webmasters must meet in order to submit a link to their directory. Link Wizard clients have complete control over the links that they accept or reject using the system.

Obeys Robots Exclusion File

Link Wizard's automated robots obey other webmaster's site navigation instructions.

The system sends automated robots (web spiders or crawlers) to other web sites in order to verify reciprocal links and dead links. These robots have been designed to only visit permitted pages and put as little stress on external sites as possible.

Link Wizard's robot user-agent is called linkwizard, and other webmasters may insert commands into their Robots.txt file to control access to their site.

Privacy Protection

Link Wizard has established and maintains strict Information Privacy and Security policies which protect both Link Wizard clients and other webmasters.

No client or link trade webmaster information is ever made public without the expressed consent of that individual. The system protects client access accounts and the information in these accounts using industry certified security practices including SSL encryption.

Client Support

Link Wizard support staff are technically knowledgeable, friendly and responsive!

Support staff are comfortable communicating with individuals with limited technical experience, as well as professional webmasters. Link Wizard clients and the webmasters that they trade links with may submit information requests at any time.

The system also provides a great wealth of free information related to link trading and Internet search results optimisation.

Being a professional web development company, we also understand and offer several proven web site optimisation services for those individuals who want to improve their Internet search results position beyond link trading.