Link Wizard Governance

This document describes how we manage issues related to our Link Wizard clients.

Privacy Protection

To the best of our abilities we pledge to protect the privacy of our Link Wizard clients.

This includes, but is not limited to, trying to prevent the unwanted disclosure of certain client information such as, Contact Name, Business Name, E-mail Address, etc.

When Link Wizard clients create their account, they may specify alternate contact information to be displayed and distributed to their link partners. We will only make this set of contact information available to others for the purposes of link trading.

Complaint Resolution

To the best of our abilities we pledge to resolve any complaints related to our Link Wizard clients.

When a complaint is posted against a Link Wizard client, we will review all obtainable information related to the complaint. This may require subsequent details being recorded by both parties. Upon fully reviewing this information, we will take appropriate action if our client is found to be sending Spam, defamatory e-mails, or otherwise breaking our Terms of Use policies.

However, each Link Wizard client may manage their own link trading program as they see fit. All link trade arrangements must be made directly with our clients, and we do not get involved in any of these choices.

Link Wizard clients have complete control over the links (and link partners) they accept, decline, delete and otherwise trade with.