Appointment Admin System

This document describes our flagship online business system designed for front line health care professionals such as doctors, dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors and other health related service providers.

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Appointment Admin is a cloud based, scalable appointment management system with a responsive web design and interactive mobile touch screen interface. This system is designed for health care professionals, and also provides patients with instant email and mobile SMS notification & confirmation web services, Google map integration, as well as 2-way Google calendar event synchronization.


The following provides an overview of the major parts of the system:

System Dashboard:

The System Dashboard is the first page that opens after you login.

This page provides summary statistics, important messages, current appointment links and help links.

The admin menubar provides links to all other admin pages the user has permission to use.

Technical Support:

Every page has a Help Knowledgebase icon that will display information related to that page.

You can also search the help knowledgebase and display the topic index.

However if you're really stuck or, are experiencing a technical problem, you can also post a support ticket to the Help Desk from the System Dashboard.

Administration Pages:

Each administration system page contains different data and functions needed to manage your appointments.

The pages you'll use the most are the Manage Appointments and Manage Patients admin pages.

The Data Management page allows you to transfer appointment data from another appointment management system in your office.

Patient Messages:

The system allows you to send various Patient Messages.

You can specify what text & graphics are included in these messages, when they are sent and, even create entirely new ones for your specific business needs.

Patients can also reply to messages with confirmations or comments.

Patient Website:

The Patient Account Website is a special website included with the system that allows your patients to manage their appointments & review your business services online.

You can use this website whether or not you already have your own website and, customize it to match your current business branding, logos, etc.

Appointment Scheduler:

The Appointment Scheduler is a user friendly wizard that allows your patients to request new appointments online.

This can be used in the Patient Account Website and/or you can embed it directly into your own business website or facebook page.

Connecting The System:

There's several ways your patients can use the system from your website or social media pages.