Link Wizard Screens

This page describes some of the key Link Wizard system sample screens.


This is a screen capture of the main Link Wizard control panel Dashboard.

Link Wizard consists of easy to use graphical tools & intelligent wizards which make using the system straight forward and fun.

The major wizards are presented on the control panel in three major groups, namely; System, Design and Action wizards. This makes it easier to find and focus on specific features of your account.

However, each wizard is more than just a collection of graphics, text and forms, since they also provide in depth help information and prevent you from making mistakes. For example, wizards always warn you before you do an action which would cause you to lose unsaved changes.

Design Wizards

Wizards are highly graphical in nature, making them more natural and easier to work with. Your account comes pre-set with link page layouts and e-mail templates, however you can customize more than 100 different options to match your web site and specific needs.

For example, the Page Elements wizard provides a mini-preview of the links section of your link directory pages. To change a font: you simply click on the golden wizard beside the text.

You can even set multiple fonts all at the same time, by checkmarking them and changing one (the settings are then applied to all selected fonts... saving you time and effort!)

The next screen shows you all the attributes you could set for a text font. There's plenty of pre-defined options for fonts, colours, styles and images, so you only need to select a drop-down menu or click on a colour square to set the font.

However advanced users can also specify precise RGB and HTML colour codes, or whatever HTML tags they desire. You can even insert your own web site page source so that your link pages look exactly the same as the rest of your site.

Action Wizards

Adding and modifying your link submissions is really easy since there's plenty of wizard tools to help you.

For example, the WHOIS Domain Tool allows you to check the WHOIS Database for information about a web site's domain owner. The Database Tool will search your link database for other listings with the same web site domain name. The Viewer Tool will open a separate window and display a web site's home page, and the Link Check Tool will verify if your reciprocal link exists at that web site.

You can also automatically retrieve a web site's link information directly from their web site using the GET INFO button, and upload their link trade banner to your link directory using the UPLOAD button. You can even change the system colours used to highlight links while you're working on them.

Link Wizard simply contains too many great features to describe on this single page, so its best to just check it out yourself. If you're currently editing your own link exchange directory manually, or using another system (costing twice as much... you'd be crazy to not ! :)