Link Wizard System

This document describes our advanced link exchange system designed for webmasters who would like to expand their online link relationships.


More than 80% of new customers find web sites using Internet search results and only the top rated sites get visited. No matter how cool "you" think your web site is - if people can't find it... "you" will be the only one visiting it!

Link Wizard's advanced links management system has saved webmasters countless hours of time & effort by assisting them trade reciprocal links with other sites to improve their site's content, increase visitor traffic, gain a better link popularity, and achieve a higher Internet search results position.

Link Wizard is an intelligent link exchange system that does not blindly harvest the Internet or force links onto web sites. This ensures that all link trading is mutually agreed by both webmasters and prevents clients from being penalized by search crawlers.

Link Wizard produces link pages that look & feel exactly like the rest of your web site. It can even import your existing link directory (without retyping) directly from your web site or from a data file created by any system - including Links.Manager &

Best of all, you can try this award winning link popularity automation system for 30-days absolutely FREE with No Obligation ( yeah we know... you may be skeptical & other companies talk about no-obligation trials... and then ask for your credit card - but we don't ).

To compliment our Link Wizard product, we also offer several other valid web site optimisation services, if you require these.


Link Wizard clients enjoy heaps of important advantages over webmasters trading links manually or using ANY other link management system !

Please see our Feature Summary for a complete list.

Online System

  • no software to download, install or maintain
  • not susceptible to local computer hard drive crashes or viruses
  • clients have immediate access to all upgrades / enhancements
  • discounts & bonuses if you manage multiple website link directories
  • dozens of pages of useful hints & tips for successful link trading
  • friendly online technical support


  • accounts are pre-set & ready to work, however you can customize any aspect
  • 100s of options can be set without any special HTML knowledge
  • your customized link pages can reside on your own web site
  • allows you to design 6 different auto send e-mail messages
  • allows you to specify words and/or site urls to ban from your directory

Intelligent Wizards

  • powerful link directory text searcher for you & your web site visitors
  • wizards warn you before any unsaved changes are lost
  • provides visual previews of link page layout changes
  • allows multiple fonts to be designed with a single action
  • allows multiple link records to be updated or moved at once
  • allows links to be deleted or just disabled (so they can be easily restored)

Advanced Tools

  • advanced SPAM defense system prevents spam & bogus link trades
  • Fair Trade Defender prevents low quality link trades
  • Reciprocal link checker scans other web sites
  • WHOIS domain checker tells you who owns other sites
  • ability to immediately rebuild, transfer and check your links
  • detailed link directory analysis report (not just numbers)


  • absolutely no-obligation, 30-day free trial
  • pay-as-you-go plans so you can suspend your account/ payments
  • extend, cancel or switch between payment plans at anytime - without hassles!
  • free months discounts for each new client you refer
  • no additional registration, upgrade, module, per/link, or per/category fees
  • LOWEST ONLINE FEE ON THE NET ! new lower prices
There's NO other link exchange system out there that provides as many advanced features & options - for as little money as Link Wizard !