Link Wizard Features

Link Wizard accounts are preset & ready to work, however you can fully customize your account using Intelligent wizards which will assist you with more than 100 features

System Advantages

  • Enrolment is quick & easy... NO Credit Card required 30-day FREE Trial available!
  • Online system means: NO software to install, FREE upgrades & technical support
  • FREE Trial allows full feature testing & creation of a working web site link directory
  • Simple graphical interface & Intelligent wizards make using the system easy and fun!
  • Advanced SPAM defense system prevents spam & bogus link trades
  • If you manage more than 1 site, webmasters can submit links to all of them at once
  • Pay-As-You-Go payment plans allow you to suspend your payments anytime

Administration Controls

  • Setup 2 different user accounts (full access & daily actions only)
  • Display your link trade details (including HTML code) before sites submit their link
  • Display your linking rules to webmasters before they submit their link
  • Ability to add non-clickable listings to advertise other businesses (for free or profit)
  • Webmasters can help you build your directory by suggesting new category names
  • Receive a copy of all outgoing e-mail from your account for review / confirmation
  • Maintain good relations with webmasters by giving them an opt-out option
  • Receive e-mail notifications when links are submitted, updated or deleted
  • Receive e-mail notifications when your account generates new referrals
  • System professionally creates correctly formatted, search friendly, static HTML pages
  • Link directory pages can reside in your web site or at Link Wizard
  • Advanced help & technical support search tool

Customization Options

  • Wizards allow you to preview options & warn you before unsaved changes are lost
  • Selectable options for text fonts, buttons, colours, images + custom HTML support
  • Select or change all the attributes of multiple text fonts with a single action
  • Select dozens of standard image & banner graphics to include on your pages
  • Select different page navigation controls including VCR style buttons
  • Select different coloured buttons that also display floating tool tips
  • Customize your pages & e-mails using dozens of personalized data codes
  • Select or specify your own special images to highlight New & Reciprocal Partner links
  • Create link categories & subgroups that can be easily renamed and reordered
  • Insert your own META Tags and HTML into your link exchange pages
  • Customize & send e-mail messages formatted as plain text and/or HTML
  • Preview, test, change & reset e-mail templates without over-writing current settings
  • Backup/ restore multiple versions of your Page Layout & Email profiles (with autosave)
  • Create extra non-spam related e-mails with any message you desire
  • Easily select/ switch your directory's appearance using pre-designed layout themes

Operation Facilities

  • Links can be easily displayed & managed by searching various link criteria
  • Unlimited number of link trade partners (no extra fees or restrictions)
  • Groups of links can be easily approved, removed or moved between categories
  • Removed links can be quickly & easily restored without re-typing anything
  • Over-ride the alphabetical sorting of any link using a custom sortkey field
  • E-mails automatically sent when links are submitted, approved, updated or removed
  • Send a link reminder e-mail to all non-reciprocating links by pressing one button
  • Ability to change the system colours used to work with links in your database
  • Track the number of link directory page hits from your visitors
  • Track (and display) the number of clicks each listing receives
  • Automatically display your Most Popular links based on visitor link clicks
  • Specify how many links to display on each link directory page
  • Specify number of days to display a NEW image graphic (of your choice) beside links
  • Specify whether you'll accept banner link trades in addition to text links
  • Highlight links of your choice in a special Favorites group
  • Warning e-mails can be sent before links are removed, in case they restore yours

Fair Trade Defender

  • Online Link Checker reports static, dynamic & invalid links and if your banner is posted
  • Enforce that your link is added to the same web site domain as you link to
  • Prevent sites from submitting their link more than once (even if they change their link title, description, or use a different sub-domain name)
  • Automatically accept or decline links from sites hosted on shared domains
  • Determine how likely your links will be found and indexed by search crawlers
  • Updated links can be temporarily removed until you have a chance to review them
  • Create and automatically display custom linking rules that webmasters must meet
  • Specify words that will not be accepted in a link's listing
  • Enforce that sites post your link before they can submit theirs

Tools And Utilities

  • Keyword searchable help documentation with 100's of pages of useful information
  • Quick View web sites submitted by webmasters without leaving the system
  • Quick Check the WHOIS domain name database for submitted links
  • Quick Search your DB for all other links using the same domain or subdomain name
  • Quick Verify the existence of your reciprocal links individually or in groups
  • Link pages can be transferred to your site without FTP access to your site *
  • Link trade banners can be uploaded and displayed in your link directory *
  • Automatically remove links when your reciprocal link can not be found
  • Automatically remove dead and broken links from your pages
  • Import existing links directly from your web site pages (no CSV data files required)
  • Import existing links from Comma Separated Value files created by any system
  • Export links to Comma Separated Value files and specify the field format required
  • Ability to determine and monitor your web site's Link Popularity

Payment Advantages

  • FREE 30-DAY TRIAL so you can check everything out before paying a cent!
  • Various payment options, including PayPal & E-check if you don't have a credit card
  • NO software, registration, setup or page layout customization fees
  • NO hidden or extra fees for per link, per category or add-on modules
  • Pay-As-You-Go payment plans so you can SUSPEND your payments
  • Extend, cancel or switch between payment plans at anytime - without hassles!
  • Discounts & Bonuses if you manage multiple website link directories
  • Make NO PAYMENTS using our client referral program