E-commerce Payments

We'll make you more money by integrating a secure online payment processing system into your site!

Web sites attempting to sell online will only be successful if they can securely & immediately process credit card payments.

This is because Internet customers will not waste their time filling out manual forms, mailing in orders with cheques, or trying to reach you during your business hours to telephone in orders.

Integrated PayPal Solution

This is now the most popular payment processing method!

Since a professionally integrated Paypal Standard or Pro solution with Instant Payment Notification (IPN), is just as convenient as a real-time processing solution... but for a fraction of the cost!

We'll design your site so when your customer wants to pay, they're connected directly to PayPal's secure web server where they can enter their credit card information. Once their payment has been authorized, the system automatically connects back to your server, so it can finish processing your customer's order, update your database and send confirmation e-mails.

A Paypal Pro solution even allows your visitors to enter their credit card directly on your website, and hides all the Paypal processing behind the scenes (however you must Paypal a small monthly fee for this service).

As an authorized PayPal Developer Network member, we were one of the first companies to successfully implement a completely automated IPN solution... so you'll be processing online sales in no time.

We'll provide a completely turn-key (finished, tested and authorized) payment solution for as little as $499.

Real-Time Credit Card Authorization

There's nothing like the real thing - in real time!

With a Real-Time Credit Card processing solution, your customer simply enters their credit card information into your web site and their payment is automatically authorized through a secure connection to the bank within about 10 seconds.

This solution is the fastest and most convenient payment method for both you and your customer. Since your customer never leaves your site and they get an immediate payment confirmation, they're more likely to complete their purchase.

However, real-time solutions also require additional security and processing services (which we'll assist you obtain if you don't already have). For example, in order to process credit card transactions your business must have merchant accounts with the various credit card companies. You'll also require a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate and access to a payment processing gateway service.

There's several different ways to deploy these solutions depending on whether you want to use your own SSL certificate or a shared one; process US dollar, Canadian dollar, or other currency payments; accept one or several types of credit cards; and process online or batch type of transactions.

We're one of the few web developers able to provide online credit card processing solutions for Canadian businesses who want to accept both US and Canadian dollar payments.

We'll provide a completely turn-key (finished, tested and authorized) Real-Time payment solution for as little as $999.* Third party SSL certificate, payment gateway setup/processing & discount fees extra.

Quick Sites ?

Many other developers only build cheap web sites using templates & photos.

However you should be aware that You Need More than some fancy quotes & Flash graphics to attract visitors and hold their interest.

To Be Successful, your web site must also provide meaningful (and profitable) services.

In order to provide these, a developer must also employ System Analysts & Programmers who already understand business transactions.

Failing to contract these services at the beginning of a project often requires Major Web Site Changes and possibly moving the site to another web hosting company who can support business transactions.