Bonus Business Services

We provide a number of sophisticated bonus features for our clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Keep this in mind, if you're considering doing it yourself or choosing another web designer... because talk is cheap & getting a cheap web site that doesn't work properly can be very embarrassing, expose you to hackers, delay business sales/ implementation and cost you several times more money in the long run.

Remember, the advantage of the Internet is that you're talking BIG... a world-wide audience. If you make a mistake in your yellow pages ad or some flyer, only your city or a few hundred people will notice. But mistakes in web sites can be seen by millions of people.

BONUS 1: we guarantee that your project will function exactly as designed... if not, we'll correct it immediately - FREE OF CHARGE !


We build web sites that you can control.

We're most recommended for our advanced administration modules which allow web site owners to update their own graphics & text. It's fine to post a portfolio of your work, but if you can't update this with newer versions - you'll continually have to run back to (and pay) your web site designer for changes.

We'll empower you with an intelligent web solution that allows you to easily update your product gallery images and text descriptions. Even if you don't understand anything about HTML, web pages or the Internet - our administration modules will allow you to make changes simply by entering text and graphics file names into a basic form.

This has proven to save our clients thousands of dollars, and is exactly the reason why our competition doesn't offer this.

BONUS 2: we allow you to manage your own site... which saves you heaps of money !

Download Speed

Many people don't realize how important the download speed of a web site is for it's success.

Inexperienced web designers often create very large graphics for home pages, not understanding that most people will just click SKIP and not see them. While these graphics may look very impressive and you may be willing to wait for your own web site to download, just think about the last time you waited more than a minute for someone else's.

It's a bad idea to assume that all your visitors will be using a super fast computer & the most up-to-date software (even if you cater to a high end market). Furthermore, the individuals who can afford the most expensive equipment - often don't use this to surf the web (protecting it from hackers & viruses).

The Internet contains millions of sites and if your web site can't download within a few seconds over a standard connection... your visitors will simply click to one of your competitors.

We know how to balance your site so that it looks great and downloads fast. For example, you may have noticed that our site contains various graphics & animations, however each page downloads in a manner so you can begin reading the text while the other components load.

BONUS 3: we do more than put pretty pictures on web sites... we make them successful !

Auto Screen Adjustment

The range of computers & monitors available today is truly amazing !

So you'd probably be surprised to learn that more than 50% of the people surfing the Internet are still using a basic computer with a 800 x 600 screen. It's simply a fact, that older equipment (which can no longer be used for advanced business applications), often get used as a fire-wall & isolated Internet connection.

The individuals using these computers may be potential customers and if your web site can't accommodate them, you're going to lose visitors and sales. Most people simply don't have the patience to scroll around a page in order to see full pictures or text.

So most other designers build sites squished into a 800 x 600 corner. Unfortunately this wastes the rest of the screen if your visitors can afford a higher quality monitor.

BONUS 4: our sites automatically detect & adjust the page content to take full advantage of the user's matter how they resize their windows.

Browser Compatibility

MS Internet Explorer is clearly the most used web browser today... (and this is also the reason why it's the most hacked & targeted for viruses).

However, there's plenty of other web browsers being used around the world (perhaps even by your web visitors & customers).

Unfortunately, most other web designers only design for & support Internet Explorer sites. Even if 80% of web visitors are using a PC with Explorer... can you really afford to throw away 20% of your web site visitors or sales ?

We often hear our competition stating the "80/20" rule as an excuse, and claiming that there's no difference. But if you get this response; just ask them to show you your web site in Flock or Firefox. Chances are they don't even have another browser installed - let alone use it for testing!

We don't charge you any extra to ensure that your project also works well in Flock, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Crazy, or Slim browsers... we just do it. And you can be sure that our competition doesn't give their clients any money back for not doing this... they just don't bother.

BONUS 5: we design websites to work in all of the following browsers:

Error Detection & Correction

There's nothing worse than seeing a web site with missing pages, graphics, objects or that suddenly displays unrecoverable errors.

Things like JavaScript, Flash Animations, Dynamic Menus and MS Agent characters are wonderful web site features, however if a visitor's computer isn't setup or can't support these elements you're going to lose visitors and sales.

For example, our web site requires JavaScript support for some features. But if you disable JavaScript in your browser right now and refresh the page... our site will automatically detect this & instruct you how to re-enable it... rather than just not working !

Similarly, Flash Animations have become very popular recently, however not all systems are setup to support them. So if you're site uses Flash navigation menus and can't automatically enable another menu system when Flash isn't supported... some users will not be able to navigate your site and will only see the following:.

BONUS 6: we include an appropriate amount of error detection & correction facilities in our projects.

Universal Programming

Universal programming is a challenging concept which most other web designers don't have experience, or bother with.

This is one of main reasons why you should not attempt to build your web site in-house unless you employ dedicated, skilled web designers.

Unfortunately, 'standard' programming languages such as JavaScript (which will work in many different browsers), don't always behave the same way in each one. Furthermore, different browsers support different sub-sets of commands, and may even respond differently to the same command.

Now if you think your web site will not need any programming (because you only want to display text & graphics)... think again. Since even the simplest information sites require some programming, and as soon as you want to include a more advanced element, such as an e-mail or feedback form... you'll need at least validation programming.

BONUS 7: our staff have experience with multiple operating systems, browsers & programming languages, so they know which commands to use and which ones to avoid, to ensure that your project behaves the same in as many systems as possible.