Project Development Services

We always formulate a proper project development plan before jumping into building an assignment.

This has saved our clients hundreds of dollars of unexpected cost over-runs & paying for something they don't want. Here's an outline of the steps we perform.

Step 1: Project Analysis (determining what you require)

All great web sites start with an interesting idea and a solid plan!

We'll help you with every phase of your project including it's conception and design. We'll analyse your system requirements and recommend a variety of design solutions to meet your needs.

We also have over 50 Web Site Templates for you to choose from if you're not sure what you want.

There are several different types and ways to build a web site, however we'll make sure that you understand each of these and that we provide you with the best solution for what you want to accomplish.

We'll also help you select & acquire third-party services such as Internet service providers, domain name registrations, secure server certificates, web presence providers, Internet search results positioning and advertising banner submissions.

Step 2: Project Design (planning for construction)

After we've determined exactly what you want, we'll then create an appropriate design to ensure that it gets built correctly. We'll work together with you to design a system that meets your specific needs and which can be implemented in a timely fashion.

It's crucial that all your business requirements are represented in a robust design at the beginning of the project, in order to avoid deployment delays and cost over-runs. We're aware of other web developers who jump directly into building a project and then ask you for more money to correct and add things you want.

We avoid this by using a variety of system design tools such as; data and process flow diagrams, session and state management models, database interaction and normalization processes, among others.

We have tangible experience designing personal and business web sites based on the Informational, Transactional and E-commerce design paradigms.

Step 3: Project Development (expertly crafting the system)

Once we've determined what you want and how you want it organized, we can work almost entirely on our own to create your web site.

Our development environments support web site architecture design, HTML page creation, web graphics development, client and server programming, database architecture & integration, as well as unit & integration testing suites.

We can also provide you with an enterprise administration system to support your web site with custom built-in invoicing, accounting, data extraction, reporting and web monitoring facilities.

We can even construct your web site so that you can manage your line of business via the Internet, complete with a multi-user security system to prevent unauthorized access.

We have experience building personal and small business web sites, product galleries and showrooms, order entry, inventory management and accounting systems as well as, fully secure enterprise e-commerce solutions. We can even assist you with your user acceptance testing if required.

Step 4: Project Implementation (deploying your web site online)

Finally, once we've finished building your site we can arrange and deploy it with a web hosting company of your choice. We'll work with you to promote your system from it's development and testing phases right through to online production implementation.

We can also install & initialize your system so that it can be used as an internal corporate Intranet and/ or a global customer web presence.

We can even make arrangements to provide ongoing maintenance and production support if you would also like these services.